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How to download the DJI Fly app (Android & iOS) in 2023

Josh Spires | 07 April, 2022 | News

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If you fly or plan on getting a DJI Mavic drone you've almost certainly heard about DJI Fly, the app required to get it into the air, access all the features, and get the latest updates. While DJI's drones are easy to fly getting the app on certain devices isn't.

iOS devices

  1. Go to the App Store and search for DJI Fly, or go via this link - DJI Fly on App Store
  2. Download the app, open it, and login.

Updating the app (iOS)

To update the app, open the App Store, click on your profile in the top right and a list of apps that can be updated are shown. Click update and you are good to go.

Android devices

In 2021, DJI removed DJI Fly from the Google Play Store causing confusion in the community. To get the DJI Fly app on your phone today, you are required to go to DJI's website, download it, and sideload it onto your device.

  1. Head DJI's website on your Android device - DJI Fly via DJI's website
  2. Click on the Download for Android button, and give your browser permission to download, if required, by following the steps on your screen.
  3. Once downloaded, locate your Files app, enter it, and head to the downloads section.
  4. Find the DJI Fly download and click it. You will be prompted to install the app, and asked to allow installs from a third-party, hit accept and DJI Fly will download.
  5. Open the app and login with your DJI account. If you don't have one you can easily create one within the app or via DJI's website.

Updating the app (Android)

Luckily, you will not be required to go through this process again to update the app. DJI Fly has been built with a self-update feature that shows a pop up when one is available.

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