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Gremsy PIXY U Bundle For Flir Vue Pro R-Pixhawk FC

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Buy your Gremsy PIXY U Bundle For Flir Vue Pro R/Pixhawk FC from Rise Above in Sydney, and have confidence that you are dealing with Australia's UAV experts.  We always offer Australia's best prices and support.

This bundle supports you in installing Flir Vue Pro R on Pixy U, beneath the drone system, power camera from AUX Gimbal Port and easily control as well as interfaces with the following:
Flir Vue pro R AUX cable
Flir Vue pro R quick release Pixhawk cable





What's Included:

1x Pixy U
1x Pixy Damping
1x Pixy U - Power/ Control cable for BMMCC
1x Standard AUX Cable
1x 90 degree micro HDMI to HDMI HD shilded cable