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GoProfessional (GPC) Matrice 300 Hard Case

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Note: This product does not include a drone SKU: GPC-DJI-M300

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The Matrice 300 RTK is the most intelligent UAV DJI has created to date. GPC has watched this vehicle come to life for quite some time now and has tracked its challenging storage configuration, therefore designing unchallengeable protection in the smallest footprint.

A small footprint doesn’t mean limited storage; this small case fits 4 flights worth of batteries, 2 controllers, 2 controller batteries, * 2 GPC LensPen MicroPro and * 2 GPC Micro SD Card Holder.

GPC next took it to the next level with ridiculously simple customizable payload storage. The removable payload tray comes stock to fit the H20 or H20T, Z15 spotlight light, Z30 and FLIR XT2. If you don’t need the Z30 or XT2 or both, then GPC has designed it so you can just remove the perforated foam creating their cavities and you now have storage for either one of those or two individual accessory cavities or one large cavity.

GPC has also packed 2 accessory cavities under the payload tray next to the lower batteries and adjacent to the spare props.
This doesn’t end the options! Knowing that your payloads are subject to change based on your missions from day to day or if you don’t have any of the stock payloads then customization of this specific tray is easy. There is plenty of room with 88 SQ IN to get creative.



- 1 DJI Matrice 300 (Batteries Attached)
- 2 Controllers (Batteries Attached and with option to keep DJI lanyard attached)
- 3 Spare Batteries Sets (1 set Under Payload Tray)
Landing Gear
- 2 Controller Batteries
- 2 GPC LensPen MicroPro (Sold Separately)
- 2 GPC Micro SD Card Holder (Sold Separately)
- 2 Accessory Cavities Under Sensor Tray (1 either side of batteries)
- Spare Props
Tray Cavities:

H20T or H20
XT2 (removable for accessory storage)
Z30 (removable for accessory storage)
Z15 Spotlight

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