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Drones under 250 grams

Why 250 grams?

The reason it's used is straight forward. Regulations.

Back in 2015, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) created a sub-250-gram weight category for drones. 250 grams was the decided weight after a committee of aviation and drone experts were tasked by the FAA to decide the minimum weight of a drone thats needed to be registered for recreational use.

Not long after other countries, Canada, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and Australia agreed on this weight category and began to implement it into its laws and requirements.

As a result of the almost global uptake of the 250-gram weight category countries started to use it as the threshold for many drone regulations as it is considered to light to pose a safety risk.

Take a look at some of the drones we sell that are under 250 grams on the right.

If you are interested in learning more about the 250-gram category and the history behind it, take a look at our blog post on it.

The latest sub-250-gram drones

DJI drones

About DJI

DJI is the most well-known drone manufacturer that has taken over the world with its popular line of Mavic, Air, Mini, and Phantom consumer drones.

DJI started out producing its Phantom line of drones, disrupting the drone space in the process. Fast forward three Phantom generations and DJI releases the first Mavic drone, DJI Mavic Pro. DJI's Mavic Pro revolutionised the drone market with its unique foldable design while managing to pack powerful technology in a tight package.

Ever since, DJI has continued to create and improve on its original design, blowning minds with every new generation released. DJI also porduces leading enterprise drone solutions with its Matrice, Inspire, and Agras lines.

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Older drones:

The latest DJI drones

Autel Robotics drones

About Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics was started in 2014, releasing its first product in 2015, X-STAR. Moving on from its popular X-STAR series Autel began to focus on its EVO series, a series of folding drones targeted towards recreational and enterprise customers.

Since the introduction of the EVO series Autel Robotics has continued to innovate on its original design adding features and improvements.

While the Autel EVO series is the company's number one focus it also produces the Dragonfish fixed wing drone with 180 minutes of flight time and 50x zoom at 4k.

Learn more about Autel Robotics' enterprise drone offerings on our sister site Sphere Drones.

The latest Autel Robotics drones