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Acecore Zetona

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Zoe Zetona’s front mounted 2-axis gimbal gives operators an unobstructed view from top to bottom, from Zenith to Nadir. Though highly portable, the system is capable of stabilizing and controlling the 60 megapixel Sony A7r iv with an endurance of 25 minutes.

Zetona was built as the inspection tool for high value and high-risk inspections. Its F9P, L1/ L2 RTK precision positioning works with the 4 or 8 oversized engines to hold the system at a nearly completely still position in the air.

Operators have full camera control over the Sony A7r IV, all settings are accessed remotely, and the camera automatically geotags each image’s EXIF data during a mapping mission. The integrated 2-axis gimbal tilts 90 degrees downwards on command.

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