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Email us at or call us on +61 2 8417 3151 to purchase this product.

Software on site license for up to 3 computers:

  • User interface: Cubert Touch and Cubert Pilot
  • Includes SDK for easy programming and 1 year of developer support
  • Includes Source code
  • License for five PC and 2 years of updates
  • Easy to use camera operation
  • Remote control
  • Spectral imaging and data correction
  • Indexer and false color calculation
  • Data export to multiple formats

Development made easy
Are you a developer and want to change the way spectral cameras are used in the future. We love the ingenuity of our Costumers and want to support you to the fullest. With this package you get full access to all development features of the camera and maximum support from our side. Get full access to our knowledge and get access to novel functionalities months before they are released. Get full impact on our development road map and enjoy 5 included licenses and special support. If you want to talk about your application, we are happy to secure your ideas with an NDA.

Example of 30 min development
Your package comes fully loaded with all features we developed. In this small video we developped a ripeness monitor for palm oil fruit within 30 minutes after seeing the samples for the first time. Please feel free to ask how we can support your application:


SDK implementation and Source code
Included in this Package is a full SDK implementation, Documentation and even Source code.

The software architecture of our systems lets you fully control our devices from (nearly) any programming language available. To demonstrate this easy process we implemented additional user interfaces in different languages. These example interfaces are starting points to get you runing with your own application developement. The code of this interfaces is open source and free of charge for you to use, modify and distribute.  At the moment we provide two demo interfaces

  • Simple to use SDK
  • Communication with the camera from (nearly) any computer language possible
  • Example Python interface (Python is a simple to learn and open source programming language)
  • Example Matlab interface (Matlab is a very successful language for scientific computing)
  • You get the source code of both interfaces


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