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DJI Battery Charging Hub for CrystalSky Monitor & Cendence Remote Controller (WCH2)


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GTIN: 190021291805
Weight: 0.185 kg

Test your knowledge with Know Your Drone.

Connect two CrystalSky & Cendence Intelligent Batteries and charge them in sequence. The battery with more stored power will charge first.

The Battery Charging Hub does not include a charger. Please use it together with a DJI standard charger.

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Battery Charging Hub × 1


  • Model: WCH2
  • Input Voltage: 17.3–26.2 V
  • Output Voltage and Current: 8.7 V, 6 A; 5 V, 2 A

Compatible Battery Chargers:

  • Inspire 2 Battery Charger (IN2C180)
  • Inspire 2 Battery Charger (ADE018)
  • Inspire 2 Car Charger (C6S90-2)
  • Inspire 1 100 W Battery Charger (A14-100P1A)
  • Inspire 1 180 W Battery Charger (ADE018)
  • Inspire 1 Car Charger (C6S90)
  • Phantom 4 Series Battery Charger (PH4C100)
  • Phantom 4 Series 160W Battery Charger (PH4C160)
  • Phantom 4 Car Charger (C6S90)
  • Phantom 3 Professional Battery Charger (ADE019)
  • Phantom 3 Car Charger (C4S90)
  • *Phantom 3 57 W Battery Charger (A14-057N1A)
  • *Osmo 57 W Battery Charger (A14-057N1A)

*The 57 W battery charger does not supply enough power to charge batteries and other devices connected to the USB port simultaneously. DO NOT use the USB port to charge another device when charging batteries.

  • Compatible Battery Model: WB37 4920 mAh 7.6 V
  • Weight: 138 g
  • Operating Temperature: 41–104° F (5–40° C)
  • Charging Time (Single): 71 min

CrystalSky & Cendence - Intelligent Battery

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