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DJI Matrice 300 & 350 - CSM Radar (Part 18)

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The Circular Scanning Millimeter-Wave (CSM) Radar enables the Matrice 300 RTK to better sense and avoid smaller obstacles that might be difficult for the vision sensor system to detect, like high-voltage power lines and tree branches. During night operations when the vision system cannot operate, the CSM radar can still help enhance flight safety.


Key Highlights 

The M300 RTK CSM Radar can detect thin obstacles, such as telephone wires and branches. 
This Radar System can detect objects up to 30 metres away and has 360° coverage
Radar functions at night AND has a IP45 rating. This provides safer flights across a larger range of missions. 
The drone will also brake if it gets too close to obstacles.


Flight Safety Just Got Easier

Radio waves sent out from the CSM Radar will reflect off an object and return to the receiver, providing locational information based on the time that it takes for them to return - enhancing situational awareness and detecting objects missed by the drone's vision sensors.

Operators can use both the vision sensors and radar system together, or just one or the other. The radar can be turned on and off.

Obstacle Braking Distance: Set the detection range and the drone will stop when it reaches this distance. Braking shows in red on the Pilot App interface. This is particularly useful for complex missions, such as operating close to powerlines. 

Warning Distance: Set the obstacle warning range. The remote controller will start beeping slowly once the drone flies into the 'warning' parameters. The warning will show as yellow on the pilot display. 

Detections outside of these set distances will show as green on the display.

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