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Propeller Aero / Ground Control Points

Propeller Aeropoints - Smart Ground Control Points (GCP) for Drone Surveying

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Email us at or call us on +61 2 8417 3151 to purchase this product.

Buy your PROPELLER AEROPOINTS - SMART GROUND CONTROL POINTS (GCP) (PACK OF 10) from Rise Above in Sydney, and have confidence that you are dealing with Australia's UAV experts. We always offer Australia's best prices and support.


Special order: Lead time approximate 1-2 weeks from order


The future of drone surveying is here

Accurate ground control should be simple. And with our game-changing new hardware, the AeroPoints, it finally is.


So what does this mean?

- No need to buy or rent expensive GPS equipment
- No more hand-painted crosses on the ground
- No need for an Internet connection on site
- No need to wait for your ground control data


AeroPoints are smart ground control points with built-in GPS that capture incredibly accurate positional data.
Lay them out, fly your drone, and pick them up. Your ground control is done.
Working with any drone and camera, AeroPoints ground control targets are the simple solution for survey-grade accuracy.


Save Time and Money

It takes just seconds to set up a ground control point with AeroPoints, and your data will be ready almost immediately after upload.


Get Survey-Grade Data

AeroPoints provide absolute positional accuracy down to 2cm. Rigorous testing showed AeroPoints to be as reliable as conventional surveying gear


Enjoy Simplicity

Anyone can use AeroPoints. Simple one-button control means your ground control is practically automated


How AeroPoints work

- Position your AeroPoints evenly around your survey area and activate using single button.

- Fly your drone over the survey area.

- Pick up your AeroPoints. When they're in range of wifi or a phone hotspot, they'll automatically upload their position data, and then enter deep standby.

- Log into your dashboard and download the points to use in your regular processing software - or, even easier, upload your photos to your Propeller portal and use our integrated cloud processing engine to finish the job.

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