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Sunbirds SB4 Phoenix Solar-Powered Drone

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Keep up to date with the latest CASA regulations regarding safe drone use here:





The SB4 provides actionable geospatial data collected over extensive areas. It is designed to cover a wide range of large scale missions : precision mapping, photogrammetry, surveying, surveillance, inspection and remote sensing.

In just a few clicks, the aerial images are transformed in valuable insights such as georeferenced orthomosaics and 3D models. This insightful knowledge enables managers to make quick and precise data-driven decisions










The SB4 is the professional UAV designed for large areas. Thanks to it's unrivalled endurance the SB4 performs ultra long range missions. The SB4 is perfect for large scale mapping where it's autonomy provides outstanding coverage capabilities.





The SB4 is the affordable, time-saving solution to collect accurate actionable data. Its unique productivity provides a fast return on investment. The SB4 performs the most challenging missions in one single, simple flight.





Sunbirds is the leader in solar-powered UAVs. Pioneer in this cutting edge technology, Sunbirds has set new endurance standards with the SB4. This unique CleanTech UAV will help you make the difference.




Multiple Payload Options

The SB4 is compatible with an expansive range of payloads/sensors giving operators greater versatility. Combined with all-day operationg times* the Sunbird SB4 is the ultimate fix-wing UAV inspection tool. 



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