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Travelling overseas with a drone? Read this first

Josh Spires | 03 June, 2022 | News

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If you have a drone or are looking to get a drone for an upcoming trip to capture some epic aerial shots, be sure to read this first as there's a few things to know before doing so. This should ensure your drone doesn't get taken away or break any laws.

A great starting point when looking to travel with a drone is to google the country you are travelling to in relation to drones. This will often bring up experiences other people have had and the country's government website, if it has a drone section.

It's important to check the government's website of the country you are travelling to, it will have the most up-to-date information. Visiting Smart Traveller is also a good option for Australians.

Flying with a drone

Before flying with your drone, be sure to check if the country/s you are travelling to or through allow them. Some countries aren't fans of drones coming into the country, with some banning consumer-level drones completely.

This could result in your drone being taken away, and depending on the country getting questioned why you are trying to bring a drone in.

Laws and rules in other countries

A big one when flying overseas is to check and follow the rules of the country closely. Every country will have a set of basic drone laws that need to be followed, such as maximum metres about ground level.

On top of these standard rules some countries have rules surrounding what and what can't be captured, this includes military operations, airports, government buildings and more.

Some countries will require you to get a license to fly and/or register your drone before flying.

Drone safety apps

Most countries now have a drone safety app with the latest information for the specific area you are flying. Be sure to look for this on the government's website or in the Google Play or App Store.


Lithium batteries under 100Wh can be flown with and they must be placed in your hand luggage. These rules can vary by country so be sure to check for the most updated information.

Countries around the world use different standard for power, which can sometimes blow up your charger if you aren't careful. Check to ensure the charger that has come with your drone accepts the power standard used in the country.

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