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Drone Services

Custom Branding

Drones are often one of the hardest things to see when flying above, this is where our custom decals come into play. Not only do they make your drone fleet visible in the sky, the public can identify drones so they know why they are in the sky.

Our drone decals also come with asset identification numbers, ensuring you know which drone and accessories are being used, which require maintenance, and which are yet to be taken out.

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Custom Solutions

As arguably Australia’s leading organisation in the commercial UAV solutions space, we have skills and experience across mining, agriculture, surveying, search and rescue and surveillance applications to name a few.

At our solutions development (R&D) facility in Sydney, we continuously work with new and existing clients from various market segments to understand their industry, challenges and needs and then leverage our team, knowledge and experience to develop custom solutions that work.

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Flight Operations

While in-house discussion on your drone solution has great merit, there is something special about getting out in the field to see your bird in the air in real time.

A personalised drone demonstration can also present the opportunity to identify additional approaches or opportunities for your application.

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We understand commercial UAV clients need flexible options to suit their diverse needs and budget. To make this happen, we have a range of leasing options to suit almost any requirement. These options not only give you the choice of the world’s best UAV equipment, but automatic access to some of the industry’s best technical specialists and solution developers. At your disposal, they will work to ensure your application is a success.

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Servicing with Sphere Drones will ensure that you stay compliant with CASA regulations by provision of an Airworthiness Certificate included with your service summary. Our team has a range of experience in many areas including mining, agriculture and electronics.

Sphere Drones works with clients both small and large to ensure their assets are kept maintained and in-air failures don't happen. We are proud to work with clients such as Rio Tinto, Surf Life Saving and Sydney Water which all have a large fleet of assets that are an important part of day-to-day business.

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Not sure if a drone is the right solution for your business or just need it for a short period of time? Rent and trial the best drones in the world without compromise and without capital commitment.

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There is little point offering drone technology and developing solutions without a comprehensive service and support network. Industries engaging technology that can change the fundamental approach to traditional applications, must have this support to meet their needs along every step of the change journey. How do we do this? We work in direct collaboration with the client across every element and aspect of their project.

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We offer all our sales clients the opportunity to discuss their needs and application with us so we can, if requested, objectively guide them in their selection of equipment for their application. For us, it is imperative that every client - regardless of their preferred level of involvement with us, secures the optimum equipment for their application. In saying this, if we don’t have the right equipment for the application, we will go out of our way to secure it!

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We offer a wide range of professional training options depending on your application, solution and industry. In commercial applications it is generally a requirement that you need to be licensed and/or certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). To make this process easier, we offer, among many others, CASA accredited Industry Partner training to both prepare and qualify you to become an effective commercial drone operator in Australia.

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Remote Technology Programs

Sphere Drones’ Remote Technology Development Program aims to help customers develop a clear drone strategy and program. We strive to assist customers from implementation to delivery and support of a program. We do this in a manner that will get customers up and operational in a manner that is safe, effective, and efficient whilst remaining compliant with regulations.

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