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DJI Care Refresh for Phantom 4 Pro-Pro+ (1 Year)
DJI Care Refresh for Phantom 4 Pro-Pro+ (1 Year)

DJI Care Refresh for Phantom 4 Pro-Pro+ (1 Year)

SKU: DJICare-RefP4Pro Email us at or call us on +61 2 8417 3151 to purchase this product.

Buy your DJI CARE REFRESH FOR PHANTOM 4 PRO/PRO+ (1 YEAR) from Rise Above in Sydney, and have confidence that you are dealing with Australia's UAV experts.  We always offer Australia's best prices and support. For more info, click here


DJI Care Refresh is an effective, comprehensive warranty for your Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+, offering you greater peace of mind every time you fly. 

Click to visit the "DJI Care Refresh Official FAQ".

Please Note: 

- You must register your DJI Care Refresh within 48 hours of activating your Phantom 4 Pro. 

- When registering your care refresh you must ensure that the AU region is selected in the top right corner of the DJI web page, as it may be defaulted to the US region. If this is the case it will not allow you to register your care refresh.

- If you have already purchased DJI Care Refresh, click here to bind it to your aircraft. 

- Only brand new aircrafts purchased from an Australian Authorised DJI Dealer or through are eligible for DJI Care Refresh (grey imports NOT elgible)

- By purchasing DJI Care Refresh, you agree that you have read the FAQ and Terms of Service listed at the bottom of this description.

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