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5 tips for better drone photos

Josh Spires | 15 June, 2022 | News

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Now that you've had your drone for a few weeks, the learning begins, in this case five tips for better aerial photos. Following the tips listed below will ensure your photos come out looking more professional, while keeping your own style.

1. Understand your camera settings

Taking the time to learn what the settings of the camera on your drone is important. This can be done by watching countless YouTube videos as well as playing around with the camera while the drone is on the ground.

Doing so will allow you to gain an understanding of what each settings means and does, allowing you to better adjust for changes while flying.

2. Location

Selecting the right location for your shots is an important part if you are looking for a specific end product. It's important to only fly in areas that legally allow drones. Once you know your good to fly, then you can produce to finding the perfect location for your flight.

3. Conditions

Something that affects photos is the conditions. Depending on the look you are going for in the photo, checking weather its overcast, sunny, dull, etc. can mean the difference between the shot you wanted and an ok one. For many of my shots, I prefer to shoot when its overcast as the clouds diffuse the sunlight, preventing bright reflections in the image.

4. Experiment

As we fly more, we, including myself, often do things the same way, mostly because we know it works and humans are creatures of habit. Next time you are out with your drone, take a moment to frame, angle, or position your drone in a different way you haven't considered doing before.

5. Fly regardless of how you think a shot might turn out

Something that has taken time to learn is take your drone out even if you think the shots might look bad. I've often had my drone with me without any intentions of flying. The times that I did, the photos that came out of the drone were some of my best and most loved to this day.

So, if you have your drone on you and it can be flown in the area, take it out, take a few shots, and you might just capture your next best photo.

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