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Rise Above UAV Safety Gear Kit 55cm

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Please note: Drone in image is not included and is for reference only.

Buy your Rise Above UAV Safety Gear Kit 55cm from Rise Above in Sydney, and have confidence that you are dealing with Australia's UAV experts.  We always offer Australia's best prices and support.


Fly with confidence knowing that you have taken all precautionsto keep your flight area as safe as possible for yourself and those around you. A high vis safety vest ensures you are in sight of those around you while traffic cones and a drone in operation sign helps keet foot traffic away from your launch/landing site. Always stay in connection with the included ICOM handheld radio and keep sight of you drone with the attachable anti-collision strobe included.


This Safety Kit Includes:

- Drone Flying In Progress Sign
- Lume Cube Anti-Collision Strobe For Drones
- ICOM IC-A16 Airband Handheld Radio
- 55cm Landing Pad for Drones (Fast Fold, Double Sided)
- Rise Above Safety Vest XL
- 700mm Reflective Safety Cone (Pack of 4)





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