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Buy your Slantview Analytics Licence for SlantRange 3P from Rise Above in Sydney, and have confidence that you are dealing with Australia's UAV experts.  We always offer Australia's best prices and support. We have a team of technicians who can handle most warranty issues locally, as well as repairs, maintenance and upgrades.

What Would You Like to Know?
Valuable new information.
Delivered in minutes, no network required.

SlantView – Smarter Analytics for Airborne Agronomy
SlantView is the analytics toolset that transforms raw data from airborne sensors into valuable information for farmers.

For information to be valuable, it must be both actionable and available when and where it’s needed. SlantView was architected from the start to deliver the highest value information, and that includes two fundamental differences from other analytics packages:

  1. Diverse and customizable information types can be tailored to the farmer’s immediate needs through advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques.
  2. Those information layers can be delivered in a matter of minutes. Anywhere.

SlantView is a transformative analytics solution that will enable small UAS measurements to reach all of the world’s farmers, not just those with access to high-end computing resources. Read on to see some of the new types of information products SlantView is already producing.

Valuable New Types of Crop Information
What would you like to know? That of course depends on what types of crops you’re raising, what time of year it is, where you’re located, and a number of other variables. Your information needs are specific and evolving.

SlantView is the only airborne agronomy analysis tool that has the versatility to serve those changing needs with more specific and actionable types of information. Your needs are specific, so what is it you’d like to know?


Post-Emergence Surveys
For many crops, the first few weeks after planting are a critical stage during which plant populations and weed pressures need to be evaluated. Using the latest in computer vision and machine learning techniques, SlantView isolates individual plants for analysis to deliver statistics on stand density, plant sizes, and weed pressure.

Plant Population

SlantView’s Plant Population layer provides a true stand count. Unlike other techniques which simply estimate populations by searching for gaps in crop rows, SlantView’s algorithms actually detect each plant in the field and segregate them into crop or weed populations for accurate counts. Populations are indicated in plants per acre as shown in the nearby example.
This information layer is designed for use in specific row crops under pre-defined conditions of measurement. 

Weed Density

The Weed Density layer provides indicators to invasive plant species within early-stage row crops to support more targeted and efficient herbicide treatment. Weed density is indicated by the fraction of local area under weed coverage.
This information layer is designed for use in specific row crops under pre-defined conditions of measurement 

Full Season Health Surveys
Is NDVI all that you need? Because high resolution multispectral imagery can deliver so much more. SlantView’s full season health surveys include a suite of crop information layers for a comprehensive look at evolving conditions.

Plant Stress

The Plant Stress layer combines multiple spectral bands across the visible and near infrared to measure pigment absorptance and cellular integrity that are markers for nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, or dehydration conditions.
This information layer enables more efficient and accurate scouting by providing earlier and more comprehensive detection of stress conditions than possible with simple 2-band indices like NDVI. Contact us to discuss custom tuning for specific crops or conditions.

Vegetation Fraction

The Vegetation Fraction layer indicates the percentage of the field that is covered with the growing crop (also frequently referred to as “canopy closure”). Through the early weeks of the season this value will increase from zero until the fully developed canopy closes.
This information layer is valuable for locating mis-planted or thin coverage areas, or for measuring damage from weather or other events.

Yield Potential

Multiple crop metrics are combined to assess future performance in the Yield Potential layer. This is the producer’s highest level assessment tool and includes the contributions of numerous independent factors that ultimately contribute to yield.


SlantView also produces traditional vegetation indices including:


Select one of the SLANTVIEW plans. All of our plans include unlimited processing, no per acre charges, no per map charges, unlimited installations, all software updates, and full customer support. Plans do not auto renew.

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