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DJI Mini 3 Pro: sub-250 grams with 34-minute flight time

Josh Spires | 11 May, 2022 | News

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DJI has released its latest edition to the Mavic Mini line of drones, DJI Mini 3 Pro. Mini 3 Pro features an improved 1/1.3-inch camera, up to 47 minutes of flight time with the plus battery, obstacle avoidance sensors, and more in a tiny sub-249-gram package.


Like the rest of the DJI Mavic Mini line, DJI has managed to keep the Mini 3 Pro under 249 grams, which means it doesn't require registration in most countries. Even with all the new tech and obstacle avoidance sensors the Mini 3 Pro comes in at under 249 grams. Note: Mini 3 Pro with the Plus battery does weigh more than 249 grams.

47-minute flight time

DJI has released the Mini 3 Pro with two batteries, a standard size that gets you 34 minutes of flight time and keeps the drone under the 249-gram weight. The other battery, the plus model increases the weight over 249 grams and takes the flight time to a massive 47 minutes.

Obstacle avoidance

The one thing that was missing from all previous DJI Mavic Mini drones was the obstacle avoidance for peace of mind and especially since the mini line is popular with new pilots. The Mavic Mini 3 Pro has addressed this issue by adding forward and rear-facing sensors along with the standard bottom-facing ones.

The new obstacle avoidance sensors give the Mini 3 Pro APAS 4.0, DJI's advanced pilot assistance systems that detects objects in the flight path, allowing it to avoid them and warn the pilot.

Improved camera

With any new DJI drone the camera system gets an impressive bump in quality. The Mini 3 Pro features a new 1/1/3-inch CMOS sensor with dual native ISO and support for direct output of HDR footage. The camera features a f/1.7 aperture and larger pixels. The camera can take up to 4/60 fps HDR video, 48MP raw photos, and Full HD 120fps slow motion video.

DJI has given the Mini 3 Pro its D-Cinelike colour profile, allowing for more control during post-processing and better-looking footage. The new gimbal allows the camera to shoot in standard landscape mode as well as vertical mode, which means easy sharing to social media. The Mini 3 Pro also features MasterShots, FocusTrack, Hyperlapse, and Digital Zoom smart shooting modes.


Along with the standard controller you would use with your phone or tablet, DJI has released a new controller, DJI RC with a built-in display. DJI RC removes the need for an external device, adds a bright screen for direct sunlight use, and allows you to take your drone photos and videos to the next level.


The DJI Mini 3 Pro is available in three packages and two fly more kits as follows:

All drone packages come with the standard battery. If you want the Plus battery the Fly More Kit Plus must be purchased.

The Mini 3 Pro package without the controller allows you to use your existing DJI RC-N1 controller that has come with recent Mavics. A great way to reduce the number of controllers you use while not affecting your flying in anyway.

Source: DJI

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