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Benefits of a larger sensor on drones

Josh Spires | 12 July, 2022 | News

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The sensor size on a drone can be an important deciding factor depending on your specific use case and the images and videos you are wanting to get out of the drone. Let's take a look at the benefits of having a larger camera sensor on drones.

Improved lowlight performance

Improved lowlight performance is one of the most talked about benefits of a larger sensor. As a result of the physical sensor size combined with a well-designed lens system, more light is allowed to hit the sensor, improving the performance in darker conditions.

More control while editing

Along with improved lowlight performance more data is captured when using a larger sensor, this means, when shooting in RAW, which you should always do, allows for more adjustments to be made in the highlights and darker areas of the photos. It is also important to ensure the correct, or as close to correct as possible settings have been chosen for the shot. No amount of editing can fix a shot that uses the completely wrong settings.


While having a larger sensor does often lead to better images, knowing how to use it and adjust the settings is just as important. Before looking to switch to a drone with a larger sensor ensure you are up to scratch with the settings and controls, and you understand what each setting does to the image. This will ensure you can get the best shot possible and will make switching to a larger sensor drone in the future a much better experience.

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