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Cubert Utils Software (Professional)

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Software on site license for up to 3 computers

  • User interface: Cubert Touch and Cubert Pilot
  • Includes SDK for easy programming
  • License for three PC and 2 years of updates
  • Easy to use camera opperation
  • Remote control
  • Spectral imaging and data correction
  • Indexer and false color calculation
  • Data export to multiple formats

For Research
The Cubert Utils professional suit features everything you need to solve complicated scientific tasks. It features the ease of use of the smaller packages and combines it with great features for advanced data processing. Enjoy the easy workflow of a real hyperspectral control unit. You do not have to care about complicated data enhancements, but you also do not loose the grip on RAW data. Control the camera remotely. Program the device with very easy scripting tools. Export all the data your favorite scientific software.

Features of the Cubert Pilot
The Cubert software suit features the Cube-Pilot software interface, a very easy to use graphical interface for the control of hyperspectral cameras. The software is designed to let you concentrate on your measurement task and forget about the complexity of the hardware. With this software tool you are able to do all necessary settings and calibrations of the camera, perform your measurements and also do basic data analysis.

  • enhanced export options
  • online calculations
  • User configurable plugins
  • Remote control
  • Export to scientific software
  • and much more

The application is divided into four sections.

  1. In the upper part the workflow of a typical measurement is resembled. You begin in the setup part, where you also calibrate the camera. After calibration you switch to the measurement part where you perform your hyperspectral imaging with a single click. After your successful measurements you will find some basic analysis tools in the analysis part and also export capabilities to Envi, Excel, txt and also bitmaps.
  2. All recorded data will be stored to disk automatically and are listed in the lower left part. The images are saved with name, date and time whereby the upper image is the latest one.
  3. You can view a large representation of every image you measured with the camera in the middle of the screen. The images are displayed in 3 channel false color or 1 channel false color view.  Here you can also select single spectra, region of interests etc.
  4. In the lower right part of the screen the selected spectra will be plotted

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