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Why DJI's fly more combos and kits are so great

Josh Spires | 20 May, 2022 | News

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With every consumer drone released by DJI there's a choice to opt for a more expensive but value packed fly more combo or kit that ends up saving you money on accessories and allowing you to get more out of your new drone.

Fly more combos and kits from DJI often have the following items in them, with some kits having more or less, depending on the drone model.

  • 2 extra batteries
  • Battery charging hub
  • Extra sets of propellers
  • Carry bag
  • ND filters

Cost saving

Looking at the added cost of a fly more kit or bundle you'll soon notice that buying two of the specific drone's batteries individually is almost the same price, sometimes even more. If you already planned on getting more batteries the fly more combo/kit is the way to go as it allows you to keep your drone safe, use a battery charger, improve footage with ND filters, and have extra sets of props.

More flight time

With the inclusion of more batteries, you can fly for longer without the need to wait for a single battery to recharge. An added benefit of having more batteries means you can focus on your shots more without worrying about not getting them all, which equals better looking shots.

The battery charging experience is also simplified. Pretty much all fly more kits come with a charging hub that can charge up to three batteries one right after the other. No longer do you need to keep checking up on a battery to see if its charged and missing out on charging time if you forget.

Get more out of your drone

With the inclusion of ND filters in some of the kits you can easily take your drone experience to the next level. Having the ability, out-of-the-box, to improve your footage depending on shooting conditions is great. ND filters also allow beginner pilots to get familiar with the basics of how a camera works, getting you more involved in flying.

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