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Mavic 3 GPS fix is coming soon within two months

Josh Spires | 22 April, 2022 | News

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The biggest issue that has plagued the DJI Mavic 3 since launch is it not being able to connect to GPS satellites in a reasonable timeframe, leaving users waiting for up to 30 minutes.

DroneDJ has learnt that DJI is now aware of the reasoning behind the issue and shared that a fix will be released in the next two months, which was at the beginning of this month.

The 0600-firmware patch

DJI has already tried to fix the issue with its 0600 patch. Instead, DJI says the patch "optimises most satellite search and signal interference problems to improve the user experience."

The company then added that its "aware of user concerns regarding DJI Mavic 3’s slow satellite search upon powering on and have already located the problem."

We have noticed that it takes additional time for some users’ Mavic 3 to connect to satellites in some high-latitude areas. We have located the cause of this issue and will address it directly in a firmware update within the next two months.

It is worth noting that satellite acquisition time, also known as time to first fix (TTFF) is also affected by internet connection. If the aircraft is not connected to the internet, a cold start of its GPS receiver will result in a TTFF of approximately one to two minutes under ideal satellite signal conditions. A cold start can be avoided if the previous flight was within 40 minutes. In general, TTFF is significantly reduced when the aircraft is connected to the internet.

User satisfaction is alwavs at the heart of our work. We will continue to improve vour experience.

Once again, sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

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